How to Plant a Tree

  1. Dig a hole two-to-three times wider than the root ball and slightly shallower. The tree should be planted slightly above the original soil level. This is especially important in heavy clay soils to aid in drainage.
  2. Cut any circling roots along the outer edge of the root ball with pruning sheers.
  3. Hold the tree while backfilling around the root ball with original soil from the hole, and tamp the soil lightly to avoid air pockets.  Large clods should be broken apart before backfilling.
  4. Remove any grass or weeds within a 3-foot diameter circle around the tree and create a watering saucer.
  5. Cover this bare area with 3 to 4 inches of mulch compost of bark, woodchips compost or pine needles. Keep the trunk exposed.
  6. Adequate water is essential at planting time. Place a water hose at the base of the tree and allow water to slowly trickle until the soil is saturated.

Watch a video on how to plant your tree!

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