Beautify Beaumont, Inc. began with a commitment from eight motivated individuals, dedicated to a clean, beautiful and aesthetically appealing City of Beaumont. With experience gained from their membership in the Clean Community Commission and Keep Beaumont Beautiful the Directors of Beautify Beaumont, Inc. devoted themselves to raising funds for the special landscaping projects, education and community awareness programs that were necessary to fulfill their mission.

By planting trees, scrubs and flowers at selected high visibility locations in the city several projects have been completed including:

  • Pearl and Orleans in downtown Beaumont (1987)
  • Benckenstein Plaza at Broadway and Willow in downtown Beaumont (1987)
  • Neches and Fannin Tree Project (1988)
  • The Brown Plaza where Phelan and Calder divide going west. (1989)
  • Texas Energy Museum landscaping – Main Street (1989)
  • Ben Coffee Plaza at Willow and Laurel Streets (1990)
  • Texas Commerce Bank at Laurel and Neches Streets (1991)
  • Scout Plaza near Texas Commerce on Liberty and Laurel Streets (1992)
  • Weller – Hines Plaza at Willow and Orleans Streets (1994)
  • Tree Plaque Wall on the mall next to City Hall for large donations to Trees for Beaumont which planted hardwood trees in Beaumont parks. (1995)
  • Lynn Milam-Noah Tevis Plaza at Main and Pine (1995)

Programs to involve the public in citywide clean up projects as well as educate adults and children on the benefits of a clean city have been an important function of the group from the start. Supporting the City’s recycling effort as well as helping to craft the City’s new building regulations as it concerns landscaping reflects the ongoing public/private partnership that Beautify Beaumont, Inc. has always enjoyed.

Although Beautify Beaumont, Inc has remained a viable organization there have been numerous setbacks in recent years. The death of one of its biggest supporters and driving forces, Maree Calcote, along with the effects of Hurricane Rita on the Beaumont community was a hard blow to our organization. But, as each flower has its season so it was that Beautify Beaumont, Inc. would bloom again. In the fall of 2007 Beautify Beaumont, Inc. was rejuvenated with a slate of new directors bringing their various talents and a drive that equals the founders, Beautify Beaumont, Inc. will go forward with the same mission for a clean, beautiful and conservation minded community.